How It Works

Quyana Rewards is changing from a segment-based to a points-based system. The updated Quyana Rewards program allows customers to redeem points based on tier level: 10 points for 1 dollar for base level (coho); 15 points for 1 dollar for mid-level (sockeye); 20 points for every dollar top level (king). Earn tier status by the number of segments flown: base level (coho) is up to 20 segments; above 20 segments get you into tier 2 (sockeye); 40 segments is tier 3 (king).

Quyana points cannot be accumulated on flights redeemed with Quyana Rewards.

Guests/passengers must either use Rewards points for the whole flight or pay (money) for the whole flight.

Customers have the flexibility to earn rewards with Quyana Rewards or the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan for each trip on Grant Aviation, putting you right in the pilot’s seat when it comes to maximizing your benefits.

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